Luxury Sargol Saffron




Luxury Sargol saffron is the most beautiful and best type of Sargol saffron.

Whatever we need to know about saffron

Saffron is a historical plant in Iran and especially in east of Iran.

Nowadays, medical science discovers this product has many healing properties. So, it has financial value. Moreover to treating and preventing various diseases, saffron is also used in cooking various foods. Many countries are familiar with the properties of this medicinal plant, and as a result, their traders seek to prepare and purchase the best saffron.

If we want to analyze the products of different countries in terms of saffron quality, we conclude that Iranian saffron has the highest quality in the world.

What is the quality saffron? And how we can identify it?

Luxury Saffron Sargol
Luxury Saffron Sargol

This product has three appearance features that pursued customers to buy.

Aroma, taste and color of saffron

The main factor in identifying high quality saffron is its color.

The color of saffron is observable, when dissolving it in boiling water or ice water.

Saffron has spicy aroma and because there is Safranal in it.

In addition to the two characteristics mentioned, there is also a taste characteristic, saffron has a bitter taste.

What is luxury saffron and what are its characteristics?

Luxury Sargol saffron is one of the types of Sargol saffron.

In addition to this type of product, there are other products such as first-class saffron and second-class saffron.

The strands in luxury Sargol saffron are larger and the rate of breakage is less in comparison with other types.

Matin Trading group as Exporter Iranian saffron can help and guide you.

As mentioned, many countries are looking to buy Iranian saffron. But there are some obstacles in this process.

  • Recognize quality product
  • Recognize reputable and reliable traders
  • Doing saffron export from Iran
  • import of saffron in the terminus country

Matin Trading Group announces that, not only prepares the best and highest quality products for you, but also performs all matters related to saffron exports from Iran.

As a result, don’t worry.

Only you do the import process of saffron in your country.

In order to be able to have the right choose in purchasing luxury Sargol soffron, you can make relevance with sales department colleagues.

Additional information

Saffron type

Luxury Sargol Saffron


Above 220

Net weight

100 gr, 1000 gr, 250 gr, 500 gr

Package type

Plastic and Carton, Tin and Metal